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How to Care for a Loved One With Special Needs

When a loved one has special needs, it’s natural – and admirable – to support him or her in every way possible. You want to see your loved one enjoy a good quality of life. You don’t want him or her to scrape by on the bare minimum. Providing for a loved one with special […]

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Why a Will Is a Foundational Estate Planning Tool

How do you want your property to be distributed after your lifetime? Who do you want to benefit from your life’s work? Who should manage your estate? And most importantly, if you have minor children, who do you want to entrust with their care? These and other questions illustrate the importance of estate planning. No […]

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Moving Into A Nursing Home

The Legal And Practical Considerations For Your Loved One It’s never easy to see a loved one ailing. Harder still is the decision to move an elderly loved one into a senior care facility. Yet for many elders, moving into a nursing home is not only a wise decision, it’s a necessary one. Few people […]

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How to Prepare for Medicaid Eligibility

Given the rising price tag of medical treatment, it’s no surprise that many long-term care options cost a fortune. These exorbitant costs especially impact the elderly population. Eventually, many seniors need round-the-clock care in a professional facility. Often, the adult children of ailing elders are left to sort through how to pay for this care. […]

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Beware of Non-Lawyers Selling Medicaid Planning Advice

In recent years a number of non-lawyers have started businesses offering Medicaid planning services to seniors. While using one of these services may be cheaper than hiring a lawyer, the overall costs may be far greater. If you use a non-lawyer to do Medicaid planning, the person offering services may not have any legal knowledge […]

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