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The Role Of A Guardian

It is a very difficult reversal of roles for many families to make, but for some, it does happen. The adult child of an elderly parent must now take on the role of emotional, financial and medical support because the elderly parent or parents are no longer in a position to be able to care […]

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How To Become A Guardian

It is an incredibly challenging and emotional experience for some adults, but there may come a point in your life when you are now the emotionally, mentally, and psychologically responsible person, and it is your parent or parents, who spent decades raising you, that now need your care. It’s hard to be in this position, […]

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Appointing a guardian

How a Guardian Is Appointed

It’s a common worry when it comes to aging: what if a person I love loses the ability to make important decisions? What if it happens to me? That’s where guardianship comes in. What Is A Guardian? A guardian is someone who has been legally appointed to make important decisions regarding medical care, finances and […]

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What Is the Difference Between Conservatorship and Guardianship?

A conservatorship and guardianship are similar in responsibility, but where they differ is in the scope of their duties. Both conservatorships and guardianships involve being responsible for an adult, or ward, who has become incapacitated due to illness, disease, accident, or some other reason. And in both cases, the guardian or conservator is usually a […]

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