Moving Into A Nursing Home

The Legal And Practical Considerations For Your Loved One

It’s never easy to see a loved one ailing. Harder still is the decision to move an elderly loved one into a senior care facility. Yet for many elders, moving into a nursing home is not only a wise decision, it’s a necessary one.

Few people realize just how complicated this transition can be. Suddenly it’s upon them, and they don’t know where to begin. The paperwork alone is often more complex than buying a house. Important details often get lost in the confusion.

It’s the little things that go unnoticed – simple steps like setting up mail forwarding and keeping track of important documents. On top of the countless practical considerations, the family dynamics and emotional backdrop also make it difficult.

Making The Transition Easier For Everyone Involved

When you’re struggling with the decision to move a loved one to a care facility, contact me, attorney Linda Hart Tabory. I am the founding lawyer at Tabory Law LLC, an elder law practice in the Kansas City area. I help families through the difficult choices involved in caring for an elderly loved one.

Because I focus my practice on this niche area of law, I know exactly what considerations must be taken into account. My guidance extends beyond just the bare legalities. I offer real-world advice on all aspects of transitioning into a nursing home, including:

  • Choosing a reputable nursing home or care facility
  • Navigating the financial considerations
  • Preparing for Medicaid eligibility
  • Selling the primary home
  • Managing finances and assets
  • Keeping important documentation well-organized
  • Maintaining open, productive communication

My goal is to minimize the stress and uncertainty involved in this process. By working closely with seniors and their loved ones, I get to know clients on a personal level, and their struggles become my struggles.

At my office, you’ll be treated like family.

Phone Consultation

To get in touch, please call my office in Overland Park, Kansas, at 913-213-6585. I regularly work with family members from Missouri, Kansas and beyond.

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