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Linda Hart Tabory

Linda Hart Tabory, ESQ

Hi I’m Linda Hart Tabory and I know what you’re going through. Over the past 20+ years my focus has been on helping families plan for the inevitable moment when they realize their aging parents or grandparents can no longer handle personal, financial, and legal affairs.    

I also help spouses figure out how to care for an ill loved one who may need long term care because of Stroke, Alzheimer's, or Parkinson's. 

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A Power Of Attorney (POA) is the document you need to help take care of someone else, even a family member.

Estate Planning is the process of putting in writing ones wishes in the case of incapacity or death.

Take advantage of our experience to help you get this key piece right.
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If the person does not have a good Power of Attorney and they are no longer able to make decisions about health care, finances, or other aspects of life, guardianship may be the next step.

This requires going to court and having a judge supervise the actions of whoever is serving as Guardian or Conservator. In MO & KS a guardian takes care of a person’s physical decisions and a conservator manages their income and assets.

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When a loved one has passed and you need to put their affairs in order.

Whether they left a trust, a will, or not, we can help.

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Long-term-care expenses can be financially devastating without proper planning. Understanding your Medicare, Medicaid, and other options is essential to your financial wellbeing.
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