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How Durable Power of Attorney Is More Useful Than a Will

When it comes to estate planning, the various legalese terms can seem to become jumbled and overlap with each other. For many people, understanding the subtle and nuanced, yet very impactful differences between these terms can be an endlessly confusing task. Two of these concepts are a will and powers of attorney. Both serve to […]

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Three Documents Every Parent Needs in Place Now

Being a parent brings with it a great deal of responsibility, and part of that responsibility is taking care of certain legal matters while you still can. To ensure that your family and affairs are looked after, there are three documents specifically that you should have in place right now. Without these documents, the courts […]

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What is the Purpose of a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care?

Most people have heard of and understand the concept of a power of attorney, but what about a durable power of attorney? And more specifically, a durable power of attorney for health care? If you have strong feelings about your health care choices, and want to make sure that your medical wishes are respected even […]

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Why Do I Need a Durable Power of Attorney Over Simple Power of Attorney?

A power of attorney is a basic legal document that is familiar to many people. But what, then, is a durable power of attorney, and when might you need one? A durable power of attorney serves all the same purposes as a simple power of attorney, but it provides the agent with more power to […]

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