Estate Planning

Biggest Estate Planning Omissions Made by Kansas and Missouri Residents

A will is among the most important legal documents anyone can have. If someone passes away without a will, there will be no executor in place, which means one will need to be appointed, causing delays and frustration. There’s also a greater risk of conflict among beneficiaries leading to potential lawsuits. It’s therefore easy to […]

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Alternatives to Nursing Home Care

For most people, the prospect of having to go to a nursing home isn’t an inviting one, and many wonder if there are any alternatives. The short answer is yes, and today’s discussion will focus on other options available through the continuum of care, which is a collection of healthcare services that includes family, home […]

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Why You Should Plan Now to Avoid Probate

Probate is something that older adults often discuss, and lawyers are often asked about ways to avoid probate. Probate is long and expensive, and it drags out the inheritance process for much longer than necessary, which is why so many people take steps to avoid proceedings. In case you’re in the process of estate planning, […]

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Things to Consider When You Contemplate Joint Tenancy

Joint tenancy is an ownership option that people sometimes choose in order to avoid probate or certain taxes. But while this type of ownership has a few benefits, there are a number of complications that you should consider before registering assets under a joint tenancy. If you’re looking into estate planning or ownership options for […]

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Three Documents Every Parent Needs in Place Now

Being a parent brings with it a great deal of responsibility, and part of that responsibility is taking care of certain legal matters while you still can. To ensure that your family and affairs are looked after, there are three documents specifically that you should have in place right now. Without these documents, the courts […]

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What Are the Differences Between an Irrevocable Trust and Revocable Trust?

Choosing between an irrevocable or a revocable trust can be difficult, but it will help to understand the differences between the two. Your needs and desires in terms of protecting your assets from either probate or taxation will determine which trust best suits your needs, so here is some information about the pros and cons […]

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What is the Purpose of a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care?

Most people have heard of and understand the concept of a power of attorney, but what about a durable power of attorney? And more specifically, a durable power of attorney for health care? If you have strong feelings about your health care choices, and want to make sure that your medical wishes are respected even […]

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What Is the Difference Between Conservatorship and Guardianship?

A conservatorship and guardianship are similar in responsibility, but where they differ is in the scope of their duties. Both conservatorships and guardianships involve being responsible for an adult, or ward, who has become incapacitated due to illness, disease, accident, or some other reason. And in both cases, the guardian or conservator is usually a […]

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durable power of attorney

Why Do I Need a Durable Power of Attorney Over Simple Power of Attorney?

A power of attorney is a basic legal document that is familiar to many people. But what, then, is a durable power of attorney, and when might you need one? A durable power of attorney serves all the same purposes as a simple power of attorney, but it provides the agent with more power to […]

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medicare vs medicaid

Is There a Difference Between Medicaid vs. Medicare?

People with special needs may qualify for a variety of government benefits, including Medicaid and Medicare. It can be difficult to tell the two programs apart, especially because their names are so similar. However, Medicaid and Medicare, which account for the lion’s share of federal spending on health care, are dramatically different programs with different […]

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